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“You think he’ll be okay?”

“Rock is tough. He’ll need some space for tonight, though.” He looked at her. “Which brings me to… Do you mind if I crash here tonight? Rock is my roommate.”

Tam raised an eyebrow at his question. She started giggling. It turned into a full blown laugh. He stared at her puzzled.

“You’re not having a nervous breakdown, are you? I can crash in my trailer if you need space, too. We’re going to need at least one of you on your game tomorrow.”

“You’re actually serious, aren’t you?” Tam caught her breath enough to ask. Evan nodded and kept staring at her with a concerned look. “You do realize that you’ve slept here every night since I arrived. And now you ask permission?”

Evan frowned and looked to be deep in thought. “Oh, crap. You’re right. In that case, scoot over and give me room.” He smirked and nudged her with a playful elbow.

Tam grabbed a handful of the bedding that was between them and held on for all she was worth. She finally got control of her giggles. Sort of. “Not on your life. This is my bed. You take the other one if you need so much room all of sudden.”

“Don’t you know who I am? I’m a star, baby. You should be pandering to my every whim.”

“How about you pander this?” She swung her feet up to brace them against his hip and shoved. She got one of his legs to slide off the bed, but the rest of him stayed put. He was a surprisingly solid and strong little bugger.

He grabbed her foot robbing her of her leverage. She tried to pull from his grasp before he discovered the secret that would give him the advantage in this turf war. Too late. His hand brushed the bottom of her foot and she barked a laugh. His eyes opened wide when he caught her reaction a split second before his expression turned positively devilish. Time for a strategic retreat.

Tam tried her best to extricate herself from his grip, but he held on tight. He wiggled the fingers of his free hand, to torture her. She flopped backwards off the edge of the bed hoping that her weight would be enough to work free. He looked stunned at her determination to get away. Still, he just rolled with her.

“Just how ticklish are you?” He peered over the side at her where her torso was on the carpet, but her legs were still on the bed.

“I’m not ticklish at all,” she lied through her teeth and hoped for the best.

He shot her an evil grin. “Let’s test that theory, shall we?”

“No!” His fingers lightly brushed the bottom of her foot sending her into a wild spasm of laughter.

“Holy crap, that’s ticklish.” His tone was so delighted that she would’ve loved to smack him if her muscles would only cooperate. Instead, the only thing she could do was laugh uncontrollably.

She gasped for air. “Stop! Stop! I have to pee!” If that didn’t get him to stop, she didn’t know what would.

“Go ahead and pee. You do know you’re kinda upside down, right?” Evan laughed evilly, but paused in the tickling. She took the moment to catch her breath. She almost wished he hadn’t stopped because his response was so reminiscent of her late father that it was almost painful.

She used the lull to pull her foot from his hand and did a clumsy back somersault away so he couldn’t catch her again.

“What is this? You want to do your own stunts now, too?” He let both his arms dangle off the side of the bed.

Her phone rang on the nightstand. “Whatever it takes to get the job done.”

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