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“There was a couple of things that I felt would be improbable if this was real life but hey, this is fiction and what's more fun about writing or reading fiction than making the improbable probable? It wasn't so far out as to be unrealistic and it was written in such a way that makes it believable. I loved that they are a bi-racial couple and that it didn't have an impact on anything. I also totally love both characters. Well written, fast paced, fun, interesting and different - this story is well worth the read and the author has made it on to my "watch" list. ” - By Laura

“I'm not the best and writing reviews, but I felt the need to leave one here. I enjoyed this book a lot. It was fun, the characters had great chemistry, and there was a lot of great tension going on too. The plot had adventure, a lot of sticky and amusing situations, and I even learned a few things about coupons! If you like fun, lighthearted, reading, I highly recommend it.” - By Jill

“I loved this book. I definitely was not what I expected. Great read!H/H were a good match and hilarious.” - By kiboo

“This book was so cute!!! I loved the chemistry between Tom and Joan. Tom is a prince and Joan is a coupon queen. Both use the same bank and when Joan uncovers a scheme, both she and Tom are on the run for their lives from the thugs who won't let anyone ruin their plans. It was an interesting plot and it took the characters on a slew of mini adventures that give the readers an insight into who Tom and Joan are and how good they can be together. It was a really fun read and I recommend this book!” - By K. Chase

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